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Animal Clinic Den Heuvel has a modern ‘state of the art’ ultrasound system, the same as you would find in many hospitals. Along with the modern digital X-ray system, the MRI scanner and the CT scanner, the clinic possesses the full range of medical imaging.

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is the examination of internal body structures using sound waves. Through a handheld ‘transducer’ held against the skin, high frequency sound waves are transmitted into the body. Tissues and organs in the body reflect these waves, after which the echo is picked up by the transducer, which in turn makes a picture from these sound waves.

Why ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool for the investigation of bladder, prostate, uterus (incl. pregnancy), liver, spleen, intestines, ovaries, pancreas, kidneys. In short, for basically all abdominal organs. Furthermore, ultrasound is used for examination of the heart (birth defects, leaky heart valves, cardiomyopathy, etc.).
Muscles and tendons also allow themselves to be seen with the echo. Air Holding tissue (lung) and bone are unsuitable for examined by ultrasound. These tissues do not allow sound waves through them, causing a white image where there is nothing to read. Therefore, the X-ray remains indispensable.

The examination

An extensive ultrasound examination takes longer than a normal consultation. Therefore, such research is usually made in a separate appointment. For a belly echo the animal is laid on its back on a comfortable cushion, usually there is no anesthesia or sedation needed. Most animals endure the (completely painless) research very passively, in fact, if the animal suddenly moves this has no effect on the examination. Usually it is necessary to shave a small area of the skin. There is always air between the hairs, even after the application of echo-gel and air creates a poor image quality.
During the examination a number of video clips and photos are stored in the computer of the scanner.

After the examination the images can be reviewed as often as required. It is also possible to compare the old and new images. If desired, and for a small fee, the images can be put on a CD or (brought along) USB stick, so you can look at them at home yourself.

MyLabEight ultrasound system

The MyLabEight is the latest high-end ultrasound system from Esaote which features the latest technologies and capabilities. The MyLabEight has the best picture quality ever known and is intended for the most advanced veterinary clinics. The ultrasound device offers Single Crystal Technology to ensure that larger animals can be better scanned and that the picture quality is vastly improved compared to earlier techniques. The large screen ensures that you as a pet owner can easily watch it during the ultrasound. It is also possible to put the captured ultrasound images on a USB stick, if you want to view the images at home again.


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