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In our clinic we seek to provide the highest possible level of dental care to your animals.

Dental care

Here, the teeth are cleaned of dental calculus and plaque. Loose or inflamed teeth and molars are removed. Finally, the teeth are polished. After making an appointment you can (optionally) be present during the entire treatment. During treatment we can discuss with you why certain procedures are done with your animals. Your pet is also more relaxed when you are present during sedation and recovery. You get direct information on the treatment and prevention of dental calculus formation (brushing instruction, special diet, etc.).

Restorations and Orthodontics

Small unsightly defects can be corrected to the teeth, thereby avoiding complications. This can be done by a treatment with fluorlak, or by composite resin restorations.

Many postural abnormalities of the teeth are now also treatable in animals. This mainly involves correcting defects that are giving trouble, and less about cosmetic procedures.

For the measuring and placing of braces we can refer you to a colleague who specialises in these matters.

Root canal treatment

Mainly in police dogs we see fractures of canines that can lead to major problems preventing them from continuing in their jobs. Chipped teeth, sooner or later, will hurt. Your pet cannot tell you, but anyone who has ever experienced a toothache knows exactly what a pet is feeling.

Root canal treatments are performed under general anesthetic. If you desire you also can be present during the treatment.

Prevention is better than cure!

Calculus and gingivitis pose a serious threat to the health of our pets. Prevention is better than cure, so please read more about how to prevent dental calculus and gingivitis.

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