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Euthanasia is only performed if the pet owner and the veterinarian are both in agreeance.

Say goodbye

If the time has come that a pet can’t go on, and it suffers more than that it lives, then the owner has to choose whether to euthanize the pet or not. Herein has the vet an important advisory role. He/she is the person who can properly assess the health of the animal, whether the animal has a lot of pain, and if there are any chances of recovery. If there is no more chance of recovery or the pet is in too much pain, the vet will advise you not to prolong the suffering of your pet.

The loss of a pet, usually a part of the family, is for most people a very moving event. It is therefore important that one can say goodbye to the animals in peace. Many people want to stay with their animal until it is deceased, and even then one last farewell in peace. The clinic, a hive of activity, is not really suited to this. To accommodate you and your pet, we have a restful room where you can wait before you pet is put to sleep.

Burial or cremation

After the pet is deceased, the question arises what to do with the remains. Some people choose to bury their pet in the garden. In your town-hall you can check if this is allowed. Another option is to bury or let the animal be buried in a pet cemetery.  In “Best” is a beautiful cemetery in the middle of the countryside. Also the possibility exists to cremate the pet in one of the now many animal crematories. After the cremation it is possible to receive the ashes of the animal in an urn. You can also scatter the ashes; usually this is done at sea. A deceased animal can also be left at the clinic without further regulation. The animal is then collected by the destruction company.

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