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A comprehensive urinalysis can get a wealth of information on the state of the body. a comprehensive urinalysis examines:

  • Colour, odor and amount of urine.
  • With the aid of a little stick the collected urine will be examined for the presence of protein, blood, sugar and gall pigment. The acidity is also determined by the little stick.
  • Next, the specific weight is determined.
  • Sometimes a bacteriological examination of urine is done.
  • In animals, which lose weight, the UPC ratio can be measured in order to detect (starting) renal failure. Finally, the urine is centrifuged and the sediment is examined under the microscope, in which the found cells will be assessed and searched for crystals (which can cause bladder stones).

Sometimes it’s possible to base a diagnosis on a urinalysis, but it is often necessary to carry out further tests.

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