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Advantages and disadvantages of sterilisation


  • The dog is no longer on heat.
  • Severe inflammation of the uterus, such as those common in females is no longer possible.
  • In contrast to non-sterilised females, the risk of diabetes is very small.
  • The injection is (no longer) needed. In many cases, an improvement in the condition of the coat occurs after sterilisation.


  • There is a need for abdominal surgery. Via an incision in the abdomen the ovaries and the uterus are removed. Basically all operations have a risk factor, but the risks are very small.
  • Some dogs become heavier after sterilisation. This is easy to avoid by feeding the dog less.
  • For some people the price can be a drawback. Please note that the injections also costs money (2x per year)!
  • A small percentage of females can exhibit loss of urine after the operation, this is very treatable.
  • The operation can never be undone: the dog can never breed again.

Advantages and disadvantages of the contraceptive injection


  • It is a simple treatment.
  • Short-term cheaper than sterilisation.
  • If you decide to try for a litter, this is possible.
  • Is especially suitable as a temporary solution!


  • At a later age more prone to cancer of the mammary glands.
  • The risk of inflammation of the uterus and/or diabetes remains present.
  • It is often forgotten to give the injection on time, which will lead to the problems of an estrous cycle!

All in all you will have to decide which method you choose. There is no one answer to the question whether a bitch must be sterilised or not.

Because of health reasons, it is sometimes a strong consideration to sterilise a young bitch due to the advantages in avoidance of diabetes and mammary gland tumors later in life.

Some frequently asked questions

  • When is it possible for my dog to start with the contraceptive injection?

Basically, first the dog must have been on heat, before starting the injections. The first injection should be given approximately three months after the estrus. To receive injections, you can come during the open consultation hours. You will always receive by post a reminder for the next injection.

  • When can my dog be sterilised?

From the age of 6 months. Old school thinking was that the dog must first come on heat to prevent the stumping of growth. Today we know that this does not matter: sterilisation does not inhibit the growth of the animal. The younger a dog at the time of sterilisation, the smaller the chance of mammary gland tumors and diabetes later in life. Should your dog have been one or more times on heat, then surgery may be the best three months after the estrous cycle.

You can make an appointment for the surgery by telephone. You will receive a folder containing the necessary instructions for the operation. Basically, you can bring your dog on the day of surgery and pick it up in the afternoon again.

  • Will my dog get fat after sterilisation?

This could happen, but you can take steps to avoid this! Due to the hormonal change in the animals, they seem to use calories more efficiently from their food. With an unchanged amount of food, they keep energy stored as fat, and therefore, these animals can become heavier. Therefore, after a sterilisation it’s wise to have a food ration reduction of 10 – 15%!

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